Bralco Metar – Meeting & Boardroom Tables

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Finish Options

Black Lacquered Oak, Grey Oak, Natural Oak, Tobacco Oak, White Lacquered Oak

Leg colour options

Black Lacquered Oak, Grey Oak, Natural Oak, Tobacco Oak, White Lacquered Oak

Delivery time

3 Weeks


Metar, as all Bralco products, has been designed and produced in Italy, to guarantee the exclusive authenticity which characterises Made in Italy products as unique and distinctive throughout the world.

  • The range combines a pleasing aesthetic with a wide range of features, designed to achieve better ergonomics. Such as the electrification, which makes the power available where needed.
  • The oak wood has a peculiar finish which makes it warm and velvety, while the white finish enhances the veining.
  • The base dimensions allow a perfect stability, enhanced also by the soundness of the chromed steel.


Configuration Examples:

  • Grey oak, glossy chromed base
  • White lacquered oak desk tops, glossy chromed profiles
  • Black lacquered oak, glossy chromed profiles
  • Tobacco oak structure, glossy light grey lacquered
  • Natural oak, glossy chromed profiles



  • The lower cap of the cable channel is detachable to facilitate the cable insertion and is locked into position thanks to two magnets. The upper hole, made in the sheet metal, is protected by an ABS ferrule in order to avoid any damage to the cables.
  • The cable guidance is achieved on the decorated Metar surface and the cables are available through a plate fit for RJ, phone and data connections.
  • The cable channel is obtained through an opening on the base; this allow an easy access and a seamless passage to the surface flap. The surface flap allows an easy access to network connections and cables.